Replenix Acne Gel


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Replenix Acne Gel

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2 OZ. (57 g)

Replenix Acne Gel is the perfect spot treatment utilizing the antibacterial properties of Benzoyl Peroxide USP to help clear existing blemishes and prevent future blemishes from forming.

• Excellent and affordable solution for pediatric, adolescent and adult patients
• Lightweight formula fortified with Benzoyl Peroxide USP for anti-bacterial benefits against Propionibactrium acne (P.acnes)

Cleanse the skin thoroughly before applying.  Apply a thin layer daily, then gradually increase to 2 – 3 times daily  or as directed by your doctor.

Active Ingredient
Benzoyl Peroxide USP



Replenix Acne Wash (Benzoyl Peroxide USP) at Sunset Dermatology
Benzoyl peroxide USP 5%, 10%

Replenix Gly-Sal Cleanser at Sunset Dermatology in South Miami.
Glycolic acid & salicylic acid cleanser, 2%-2%, 5%-2%, 10%-2%

Replenix Gly/Sal Pads at Sunset Dermatology
Replenix Gly/Sal PadsProduct title
Glycolic acid & salicylic acid pads, 2%-2%, 5%-2%, 10%-2%