DermaNail nail conditioner kit With Cutemol moisturizing cream


DermaNailProduct title

DermaNail Nail Conditioner Kit With Cutemol Moisturizing Cream


DermaNail nail conditioner kit With Cutemol moisturizing cream includes:

1 Bottle DermaNail Nail Conditioner (30 ml)
1 Tube Cutemol Emollient Skin Cream (11.5 g)

DermaNail nail conditioner kit With Cutemol moisturizing cream, used by dermatologists for brittle, splitting or peeling nails. Unique, patented technology unlike any other nail product on the market.

• Help prevent brittleness for longer nail growth
• Control nail splitting
• Remedy cosmetic problems of the nail associated with various dermatologic conditions.

Using the rod applicator in DermaNail, apply a few drops to the base of affected nails. Allow DermaNail to be absorbed where the nail grows out from the cuticle.

DermaNail is a light liquid. By applying it at the base of the nail, enough DermaNail will automatically flow underneath the cuticle. Do not manipulate or force DermaNail under the cuticle. DermaNail can also be applied to edges and surface of affected nails, or as directed by your dermatologist.

Use twice daily; once at bedtime, and once during the day. Do not wash hands for at least one hour after application. Excess DermaNail can be blotted dry with a tissue a minute or so after application.

DermaNail is formulated to be applied directly to the nail. Only a frew drops on the base, edges and surface of the nail are needed. Excess application on the cuticle, or skin surrounding the nails is not necessary.

Nail polish may be used, however care should be taken to allow DermaNail to be absorbed at the base of the nail.

Each bottle of DermaNail comes with a free 11.5 g tube of Cutemol® Emollient Cream. When nails are damp, use a small dab of heavy, rich emollient (such as Summers Labs Cutemol® Emollient Cream) to seal in the moisture. Dermatologists have shown this to be helpful towards growing more attractive nails.

Please Note
If you use Cutemol Emollient Cream or any emollient on your nails, be sure to apply it AFTER you apply DermaNail. Use of an emollient before the DermaNail will prevent the DermaNail from properly reaching affected nails.

DermaNail Ingredients
Isopropyl alcohol (82%), butylene glycol, and acetyl mandelic acid

Cutemol Ingredients
Water, mineral oil, microcrystalline wax, acetylated lanolin, beeswax, sorbitan sesquioleate, isopropyl myristate, sodium borate, allantoin, imidurea, methylparaben, propylparaben, fragance